Something that starts somewhere, and ends nowhere
Solo-exhibition at Frankfurt am Main Gallery, Berlin 2014
A black hole is beautiful, clean and has a comfortable vibe
, 2014
A black hole is beautiful, clean and has a comfortable vibe
(detail), 2014
A black hole is beautiful, clean and has a comfortable vibe (walltext)

I wanted to update as it's been 3 weeks since I have had my ears done and I realized I didn't make it clear on my last review.
A few weeks ago I released a paper discussing the black hole information paradox that triggered an intense debate and had a large impact on the public.
A Black Hole is beautiful, clean, and has a comfortable vibe.
Once you get far enough you will be inside and will have to find a way to the secret black hole page 40 of 47 and a reasonable perspective - qualities all largely irrelevant in this wasteland that you ineffectually preside over.
It was a busy Friday night, and though several people waited on me, they communicated with each other and everyone knew what was going on.
The truth is that this is one of the least productive uses of your time, and has an extremely low success rate. If you allow your feedback data to get sucked into the black hole, it’s as if you never spent all those hours designing the perfect survey, sending invitations and reminders, and putting together beautifully branded reports.
Do you have a black hole? She can’t see all her qualities, gifts and abilities in a black hole black personal vaporizer stand. Two of the most important things here, which truly depict these qualities instantly are clothes and accessories.
The prophet Haggai described such drains as putting one's money in a bag with holes in it (Haggai 1:6). Similarly, astronomers speak of "black holes" in outer space that suck up matter, and even light, from nearby areas of the universe.
You can also book a party at Black Hole Milano. We ́ll wait here for your thoughts on the trip, the comments box is all yours.
Then you hit “submit” ... and sit back and wait ... and wait ... and wait. And then – NOTHING! No emails, no phone calls, and usually not even an acknowledgment that your submission was received – just silence. By all means, go ahead and apply. However, what other steps can you take to avoid simply ending up in the “Black Hole of HR?” Here are a few suggestions:

- N.S Black Hole Junior Blast rods offer exceptional performance for the price point.
You can jig this rod with one hand, if you are not reeling to change depth, all day long. My buddies can't believe how good it is when I give them a shot at using it.

- The blackhole feature is awesome, it will come in handy for banning those pesky problem makers. I would like to ask if you could add a setting. The regular setting would allow blackholing people, it has been suggested many times over. > blackhole anyday as far as drag is concerned.

I only went there to have a good time, what's so wrong about that? I met many great friends and have had plenty of awesome sober times there. I was in attendance the night the hole was raided and was appalled at the brutish methods the police used.
The black hole was full of wonderful people, with an everyone loves everyone attitude.
It has been a great place to hang out..I've never felt threatened, in fact, I always felt welcomed there.

Thanks, Black Hole! I'll keep going back, and keep recommending Black Hole to friends and strangers.
Midnight movie (if there's all those stars, why ist it dark at night?)
, 2014
Midnight movie (Deep thoughts leave deep holes)
, 2014
, 2014
Press Release

A fishing trip up-river from Niagara Falls. Minimal interaction.
Small talk maybe,
But there’s nothing special to say.

That’s ok,
Sometimes we have to be able to forget what we talk about.

There’s an unresolved transference of information;
Vague associations, reminders, leftovers,
Crap that you carry around with you whether you want to or not. Just material traces of non-events.

People use the term “black hole” as a term to describe total destruction or obstruction, An irreducible point,
A place where things spiral forever,
And never rot.

Frankfurt am Main
Wall text
Vinyl bag, spray paint, textile resin
Vinyl bag, spray paint, textile resin
Lamination foil, display holders and various materials